Jagruti Soparkar

fashion designer

I am fashion designer, my hobby is to draw and paint. After haunting many art institutes, I found DG ART INSTITUTE. Here, we are getting personal attention, my skills are been developed a lot. So I prefer to join DG ART INSTITUTE.

Avani Nagda

Interior Designer & Art Director

I avani nagda , an interior designer after haunting many different art institute I found dg art institute were I developed ma design skills and visualization. Join DG ART INSTITUTE, if u have never done any painting or drawing before or if u have always wanted to learn how to make your art pop out of the page. This institute requires no experience, just willingness to try.

Dr. Deepika katke


I am a dentist by profession, an artist by heart and also a student of dg art institute. After joining this institute, art for me is not only a way to express myself but to understand other expression too. It gave me exposure to various forms of art through different media. It has also built confidence in me to exude through my art. It gives me an immense pleasure today, as my work of art has been displayed by dg art institute.

Manoj Pannase

Creative Designer

I’ am Manoj Pannase, I am a graphics designer and I have done animation. After Searching many institute. I found DG Inst. Where I have developed my skills illustration & Visual Art.

Sameer Rawle

Art designer

I am Sameer Rawle, an Graphic Designer, after computer Education I was searching for art institute & I found DG Inst here I got Confidence to developed my skills & illustration a part from now I can pop out my creativity to the world.


Cartoonest & Graphic Designer

Vikas, an graphics Designer, to developed my creativity, I joined DG art institute Even I developed my Caricature & illustrative drawing and now I am developing my Creative Skills & Visualization

Sammer Bhitale

Fine artist

I am Sameer Bhitale I have been painting and sketching for last 14 years but was never introduced to any formal training. I always wanted a mentor to bring out the best in me and show me new path to explore my potential. In DG ART INSTITUTE I found guide, who gave me ample of personal attention and introduced me to new media and introduced me to new media and method.

Sabina Dias

fine artist

It’s a great experience of learning art in dg art institute; I never knew that I will get to learn so much about drawing and painting. Since I am a housewife I got opportunity to explore my talent through this institute.

Shulekha Rana

fine artist

I worked as a textile designer for 20 years. I had a desire to excel in fine art. So after leaving my job I joined several institute for pursuing my passion but was satisfied to the core. I joined dg art, nearly a year before and was completely satisfied by the guidance given by sir which has helped me to keep my passion alive.

Ashish Singh

fine artist

I Ashish Singh, a student of dg art institute. I was very keen into canvas painting but couldn’t get opportunity to get in the institute, dg art institute gave me a proper path to explore my art .I am glad that I am apart of dg art institute.